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The University's Chapel, called Sapiencia Chapel, was built in 1498 by Pere Compte and was completely refurbished in 1737 by Miquel Martínez in a Southern Baroque classicist variant. It is one of the most representative spaces of the building, and it includes works by the most important Valencian artists: “Nuestra Señora de la Sapiencia” (Our lady of Wisdom), by Nicolau Falcó, which presides the altarpiece and gives its name to the chapel, and the canvases painted by Josep Camarón, Lluís Planes, Manuel Camarón Melià and Josep Vergara, not to mention the statue of San Bruno, a true masterpiece by the sculptor Ignasi Vergara, among others.
This space has always been a setting of important celebrations, either religious or academic: public examinations, awarding of degrees and especially the ‘Sabatines’, public debates on medicine, law, science, theology and philosophy, in which full university professors must participate compulsorily, otherwise subject to a fine, and where citizens could participate to check the level and dedication of the studies they defrayed. At present times, the chapel of the university, which has exceptional acoustic conditions and a relatively small capacity, favouring its cultural use, is a magnificent place for performing chamber music, poetry readings, book launches and other events.

Characteristics of the room: