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Office of the Principal rooms

The Boardroom stands out among these rooms. It is an open extended room, with a Neoclassical design, furnished with marble structures and plentiful gold-coloured elements of water that gives it a radiant and illuminated ambience. It is possible to see the University of Valencia’s principal portrait gallery since its nationalization in the year 1845 with the proclamation of the Public Education Act by Pedro José Pidal. The portraits are set in two heights and take up the stretched of the walls of the pilasters.

All the characters have been represented with busts, almost always wearing the black “muceta” (cape) and the principal medal, often with decorations and other attributes. The lower part includes inscriptions marked against a golden-coloured background, where the names and periods in which they worked as principals appear. In the fore part of the hall there is a portrait earlier in the series of the lifelong principal Vicente Blasco, painted by Marià Salvador I Maella, dating from 1787, together with the portraits of Francesc Moliner i Nicolás, by the painter Juli Cebrian i Mezquita and one of Joan Peset i Alexaindre by Francesc Ferrando.

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