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  • Presentation. Burjassot Campus
    • Morning group: Every day from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. Charles Darwin Room. Interfaculty Hall
    • Afternoon group: Thursday 20th and Tuesday 25th of January from 14:30 to 19:30 hores. Lecture Hall of the Science Library.

- BLOC I: Microbiology and Zoology

PRACTICE 1: "Discover the ubiquitous presence of microorganisms".
PRACTICE 2: "What an oyster eats and why: the csi applied to biology".

- BLOC II: Botany and Hydrology

PRACTICE 3: "Plants in movement, the pollen we breathe".
PRACTICE 4: "Groundwater and its role in ecosystems".

- BLOC III: Genetics and Evolution

PRACTICE 5: "A visit to the chromosome: sex and mutation".
PRACTICE 6: "The fossil record: what was it like?

- BLOC IV: Neuroscience and Palaeontology

PRACTICE 7: "The brain, the most complex machine in the universe".
PRACTICE 8: "The Valencian Country through its fossils".

- BLOC V: Biochemistry and Biodiversity

PRACTICE 9: "Learn how to cook biochemistry".
PRACTICE 10: "Classifying Diversity: Who is who?