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Charla ERI Lectura - Juliana do Amaral: "Comparing the effectiveness of study strategies on comprehension, retention and learning from L2 texts"

  • 21 de setembre de 2021
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Jueves, 14 de Octubre, 13.00h. Charla online. Idioma: inglés.

Comparing the effectiveness of study strategies on comprehension, retention and learning from L2 texts

Juliana do Amaral

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brasil)

In this talk, I present the findings of a part of my master's study, which compared the use of the study strategies rereading, highlighting, and note taking on the levels of comprehension, retention, and learning from EFL texts. Nineteen intermediate EFL students studied three expository texts in English, each with the support of a different strategy. After reading, they answered an immediate recall and true or false statements. Phase 2 took place a week after and comprised delayed recalls of the three texts to measure retention and a critical writing task as a learning measure. Prior to data collection, participants received instruction on the study strategies to be dealt with. Results of immediate recalls pointed to rereading as an effective strategy to comprehension. Regarding retention, good performance in the delayed recalls was associated to the highlighting and note taking conditions. Thus, the effects of rereading did not endure delayed tests, providing evidence for the ineffectiveness of this strategy compared to highlighting and note taking. Results from the Critical Writing Task demonstrated that the task proposed fostered elaborative inferencing.



Juliana do Amaral is a doctoral student in Linguistics at the English Graduate Program - Linguistic and Literary Studies at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Programa de Pós-graduação em Inglês - PPGI/UFSC). Member of the Research Group in Reading (Núcleo de Estudos em Leitura - NEL UFSC). She has experience in English teaching in language courses and basic education. Main research interests within the area of Psycholinguistics, include L2 reading comprehension, metacognition, and reading behavior in the digital medium.