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ERI Talk - Silvia-María Chireac y Norbert Francis: "Research on interlinguistic and intercultural contact"

  • June 21st, 2021
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17:00h, online talk. Language: español.

Research on interlinguistic and intercultural contact

Silvia Chireacy Norbert Francis2

1Universitat de València

2 Northern Arizona University


We present advances of an interdisciplinary investigation on aspects of literacy in bilingual communities. The factor we want to focus on is metalinguistic awareness; how he participates in the learning processes. At the same time, from other disciplines it is important to take into account concepts about the nature of writing and the contact between languages and cultures in general. This idea suggested to us a comparison between the languages and cultures of Latin America and East Asia. Recently, social and cultural changes have had an important impact on these learning processes. We address an example from the results of a school evaluation study in Mexico and Ecuador.



Silvia-Maria Chireac is a full professor of Didactics of Language and Literature at the Faculty of Teaching (University of Valencia). Her research is in the field of bilingualism and multilingualism, bilingual and multilingual education, second language acquisition, language policies, the revitalization and rescue of minority languages, especially languages from the immigration and the indigenous languages of Latin America.

Norbert Francis is Professor Emeritus of Bilingual / Multicultural Education at Northern Arizona University. She works on research on bilingualism and second language learning and its relationship to literacy. In parallel, he collaborates with researchers and promoters in a community project on the rescue and documentation of languages of American origin.