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Biologic sensors

  • Development of biosensors and immunosensors
  • Reshaping of immunochemical essays
  • Development of methodologies of matrices of DNA interactive supports CD

Sensors and molecular probes of optical-type

  • Sensors and molecular probes for the recognition of cormo-flurogenic of anions, cations and our species of interest.
  • New sensor materials (an approximation nano-supramolecular for sensors development)

Electronic sensors

  • Membrane electrodes
  • Analytical instrumentation development applied to environmental control
  • Electronic tongues and noses

Bioactivity studies

  • Anti-inflamatory activity
  • In vitro studies of xenobiotic-biomacromolecule interactions
  • Characterisation of other types of pharmaceutical activity

Studies of release and controlled retention

  • Nanometer devices development
  • Cell interaction studies and pharmaceutical profiles

Renewable energies and energetic efficiency

  • Converters design applied to renewable energies and energetic efficiency
  • On-line training courses on electric-system engines local-remote monitor, renewable energies and energetic efficiency

Reformulation and medicine evaluation

  • Pharmacokinetics evaluation studies
  • Reformulation studies of pharmaceutical forms
  • Trans-dermal penetration studies

Other research lines:

  • Quality and Methodology in Laboratories
  • I+D (bio)analytical methods
  • Environmental samples analysis
  • Bioactive molecules analysis
  • Molecular and conceptual bio interaction
  • Ceramics and Foundry: creation and research