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The RD 861/2010 which amends the RD 1393/2007, that establishes the structure of the official university teachings in Spain, collects in its article 27 a that the initial accreditation of official degrees must be renewed periodically.

According to the RD 967/2014, the Master's Degrees must renew their accreditation before four years from the initial verification date or from its last accreditation.

The evaluation process for the renewal of the accreditation is aimed at verifying if the results of the degree are adequate and if they assure the adequate continuity of the teaching to the next renewal of the accreditation. The results will be focused, among others, on the verification of the acquisition of competences by students and on the assessment mechanisms of such an acquisition that the University has developed for each degree, as well as the analysis of the evolution of the main indicators.

The result of the evaluation process is a report in favourable or unfavourable terms (with improvement proposals) that is sent to the Consejo de Universidades, in order to obtain the official resolution about the renewal of the accreditation of the degree.