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Knowledge branch: Social and legal science

Taught at: Faculty of Economics

Undergraduate degree website:

Credits: 240

Core subjects: 60

Compulsory subjects: 102

Optional subjects: 48

External placements: 20

Degree final project 10

Degree code: 1313

Classes: face-to-face

Years: 4

1st year available places
[2022-2023 academic year]:

 + 70 Ontinyent

Price per credit
[2022-2023 academic year]:
12,79 €

Regulated professions for which the degree certificate qualifies: Not applicable

Languages used in class: English, Spanish, Valencian

Minimum number of enrolment credits per student: 24 ECTS part-time/ 36 ECTS full time

Degree Academic Committee President (CAT): Dolores Forés Conchell

Degree coordinator Rubén Porcuna Enguix

External placements coordinator: Paz Rico Belda

Mobility coordinator Isabel Sánchez García/ Antonio Marín García

Academic, scientific or professional interest:

The main aim of the Degree in Business Administration and Management is to produce professionals who can accomplish administrative, guidance and assessment tasks in productive organizations. They can do these tasks either in the general area of organization or in any of the functional areas: production, human resources, finances, commercialization, investment, administration or accounting. Graduates must understand what links all of these functional areas with the general aims of the productive unit. They must also learn what links these aims to the global context of the economy. Finally, they must be able to contribute their activity to assure good performance and improved results. Specifically, they must know how to identify and anticipate opportunities, assign resources, organize information, select and motivate people, take decisions, attain proposed objectives and evaluate the results.

Worth Noting:

In the third academic year, students have to choose one of the six available academic pathways or curricular reinforcements. Each academic pathway has 48 optional credits which are shared between the third and fourth academic years, and corresponds to one of the main professional profiles of this degree. One can study both the Degree in Business Administration and Management and the Degree in Law simultaneously. The Legal Business Management academic pathway is designed for students of this double degree programme. You can also study a part of this degree in English. 

This degree is also given in the private affiliated Florida University Education Centre and University Education Centre EDEM.