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Year 2012-2013

 Erasmus Guide
Required Documentation
  • Instructions (go to the following link for general instructions to fill out the necessary documents) 
Before you leave (it’s important to submit all the documents at the same time):
  • Copy of the registration at the University of Valencia for the academic year 2012/2013 with the international credit points you are registered for (for all those you are going to take at the host university you have to enrol in a block of international credit points)
  • Confirmation of acceptance of the Erasmus Contract. It should be filled out, printed and signed by the student and the guarantor (mother, father, etc.), also a of the DNI of the guarantor and the one of the bank book or of the C/A (you should be the holder of the bank account you indicate).
  • Guideline for the Learning Agreement
  • Modification document of the Learning Agreement (PDF)
  • AppendixV.1a: Erasmus Grant Application form (original, fully Signed)
  • Statutory declaration of not being  subject to any cause of prohibition in Article 13 of the law 38/2003, of 17 November, General de Subvenciones (original)
  • Erasmus Student Letter

In case you leave before registration you can entrust your family or a friend to submit the documentation for you.

At your arrival:
  • Confirmation of arrival and registration.Please send the document, signed and sealed by the host university via fax (34-963983462) or scanned via Email ( We highly recommend saving a copy. The payment of the Erasmus grants starts only after receiving this form.
  • Stay Extension Application Form (we only accept documents received before December, 31st)

Important: To receive the first payment it is necessary to have submitted all the documentation named before. Therefore 70% of the grant will not be paid if any document has not been submitted to the International Relations Office.

At your return:
  • Certificate of Attendance (original). It is very important to take into consideration the warnings about the dates and corrections that you find at the bottom of the document.
  • Final Report (original). Open the document, fill it out, print it and sign it and hand the original in to the International Office
  • A copy of the Learning Agreement (with the included changes), signed and sealed by your mobility coordinators, at the University of Valencia and the Erasmus host university.

Important: We will not be able to pay 30% of the grant if any of these documents is missing. Besides, the student has to get at least 50 % of the credits he/she signed in for at the University of Valencia. Otherwise he/she will have to return the whole amount of the grant, since the Erasmus program is aimed to obtain an academic benefit in other universities and that is the only reason why it is paid.

Other documents:
  • Renouncement Form. Directed to the International Relations Office, presenting the form through the General Registry or the Auxiliaries of the University of Valencia.