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Language requirements

Information for academic year 2021-2022

If you are interested in carrying out a mobility stay of the International Programme you have to make sure you have the Language level requested.

In the “Student Service Portal” you can check the provisional destination offer and the linguistic requirements for every university (admitted qualifications and required level). You must select “Exchange programme with other universities”, “Exchange Programme Consultation”,  "Center", "Degree" and "Type of scholarship: PI". The information of the Student Service Portal is being updated and is provisional, so we recommend consulting it before making the request in case there is any modification.

Only the language requirement required in the student portal for each university will be taken into account, regardless of whether there are universities that accept other certificates of different languages.

  • All the universities from USA, Canada (Anglophone), Australia, Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Southern Korea request a certain knowledge of English,  accredited with the certificates TOFEL and IELTS. IN China and Japan you can also prove your knowledge of Chinese and Japanese.
  • In Russian Universities, it is required to prove a B2 level of English, in accordance with the L2 Language Adviser Committee Annex of the Universitat de Valencia.
  • In case of the Montreal University (Canada) it is required to prove a B2 level of French, in accordance with the L2 Language Adviser Committee Annex of the Universitat de Valencia.

Your language knowledge must be proved before the deadline for submitting the applications (27 November 2020). 

However, in case you prove your level of English through the TOFEL and IELTS exams, the deadline will be on 30 December 2020 non-extendable. In that case, if you don't have your English certificate before 27 November, you must attach to your application your certificate of enrolment for TOEFL or IELT exam as far as you are taking the exam until November 27th, and you can present  your score not later than December 30th, 2020.

IMPORTANT: The certificate with the note must be sent scanned by email to the address: Certificates that do not arrive within the deadline will not be taken into account.

You can obtain more information on the TOFEL exam as well as different centres where you can take it and the dates of the call through (you can view the following exam dates that will take place in Spain

NOTICE: due to the difficulties derived from the pandemic in taking the TOEFL face-to-face exam, there is the possibility of obtaining this certificate through the TOEFL iBT Home Edition. The students who present this certificate to access the International Program scholarship will be accepted by the University of Valencia to participate in the awarding of the scholarships, always conditional on the host university accepting the TOEFL iBT Home Edition as accreditation of the language requirement.

More information about the test and the universities that already accept it here:

For further information about the IELTS and the places and dates of the exams, enter the following link.


Updated information: 20/11/2020