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Required documentation (see the link for general instructions for filling in required documents)

Before your departure:

You have to present the following documents at once, we can't accept partial documentation. If you are leaving before the date you have to enrol for next academic year you can ask either a friend or a relative to do it in your behalf. You may need an authorization.

  • Copy of your enrolment (vistiplau) at the University of Valencia for the 2012-2013 academic year, stating international credits you have enrolled in (you enrol in a block of international credits for all the classes you will take at the host university).
  • Acceptance form, bank account and guarantor  (original). Along with this document you are required to submit a photocopy of the guarantor’s (fiador solidario) ID and a photocopy of the bank book or the current account (you must be the holder of the account).
  • Sworn statement (original) stating that you do not fall within any of the clauses of prohibition of Article 13 of Law 38/2003, of 17 November, General Subsidies.
  • Copy of health insurance: since your destination does not belong to the European Union, you will need to purchase international health insurance (some foreign universities require that you purchase an insurance policy that they offer).
  • Instructions for the computer application on how to prepare the study contract
  • If your departure date is earlier than your enrolment appointment, you may send a family member or friend to submit this documentation in your name.

Upon arrival:

  •  Certificate of Incorporation. Please send the document "Confirmation of arrival and registration" (D4), which has been properly signed and stamped by the host university. It can be sent by fax (34-963983462) or email (scanned to We recommend that you keep a copy for your personal records. Payment of the scholarship will be made on receiving this document.
  • Important: To receive the first payment of the scholarship, you need to have submitted all the documentation stated above. Thus, 70% of the scholarship will not be paid if part of the documentation has not been submitted to the International Relations Office.
  • Upon return:
  • Attendance Certificate (original)
  • Student’s Final Report (original)

Important: We cannot pay 30% of each scholarship if part of the documentation has not been submitted. In addition you are required to pass a minimum of 50% of the international credits you enrolled at Universitat de València since the aim of the mobility programme is to achieve academic success at another university. Otherwise, you must return the entire amount received as a scholarship.

Other documents:

  • Letter of decline. Addressed to International Relations and submitted to the General Registry or a branch registry at the University of Valencia.

Information on getting a Visa

It will be necessary to apply for a student visa at the Embassy or Consulate of your destination. To get a visa, first you need to receive the letter of acceptance from the host university.

Your embassy can help you. We advise you to consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

Information is available for Spanish citizens who will be living abroad temporarily.

Those travelling abroad should keep in mind that it is not enough to buy the ticket and pack. Other issues related to travelling abroad must be dealt with for peace of mind and a smooth return trip.

Please check travel recommendations for the country to know if vaccinations are necessary and which travel documents are required. Remember to take the address and telephone number of the Spanish Consulate and Embassy. Check the website: