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If you already have a 3-year degree or a 3-year engineering degree

In some studies there is the possibility of taking a Course of Adaptation to obtain the corresponding undergraduate degree. It is a group of subjects providing additional training for students who have finished 3-year degree programmes and 3-year engineering degree programmes in previous plans. The corresponding undergraduate degree is awarded on successful completion of this course.

If you have started but not completed a degree programme that is currently being phased out, your academic transcript can be adapted in a way that converts the original passed subjects into the corresponding subjects in the new degree programme. These “Adaptation Rules” establish equivalence.

Adaptation Rules

For each degree programme there is a table with equivalences between the subjects in the new degree programme and the original degree programme. This information can be consulted by clicking on "Queries regarding Adaptation Rules" at Studentportal.

How the grades are represented

  • When an original subject corresponds to a subject in the new degree programme the same grade is maintained.
  • When more subjects are involved, the average grade is weighted. If you earned a distinction with honours in one of the subjects, it can be transferred to the new degree programme only if the average weighted grade is equal or superior to 9.00

Depending on your academic situation you can adapt yourself through one of the following procedures:

  • More detailed and particular information for your specific degree it's available througth the "Degree Programmes Offered" page.
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