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I2SysBio together with the Master’s in Bioinformatics

  • February 7th, 2024
I2SysBio together with the Master’s in Bioinformatics

Next Tuesday 13 February at 15:30, the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio, will organise talks for students of the Master's Degree in Bioinformatics ( about the centre’s lines of research and the possibility of doing extracurricular internships and TFM (Final Master’s Degree Project).

The event will take place in the Seminar room (ground floor) and the entry is free.

Most of the principal investigators of the I2SysBio will participate, and the order of the presentations will be the following:

•             3:30h Introduction of the talks.

•             3:40h Ana Conesa - Carolina Monzó.

•             3:50h Santiago Elena.

•             4:00h Carlos García Ferris.

•             4:10h Pablo Carbonell

•             4:20h Pilar Domingo-Calap

•             4:30h Christina Toft

•             4:40h Tomás Matus – David Navarro-Payá

•             4:50h Arnau Montagud

•             5:00h Mireia Coscolla

•             5:10h 10 minute break.

•             5:20h Gustavo Gómez

•             5:30h Ron Geller

•             5:40h Régis Corrêa

•             5:50h Vicente Arnau

•             6:00h Irene Otero

For more information about the I2SysBio research groups, you can visit the website:


This informative session will be open for any student who is interested in collaborating with the I2SysBio research groups. Both students of the ETSE and of other Master’s Degrees are welcome.

Join us!