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The University Institute is a body formed by university professors and researchers that have the same aim; to investigate, to teach and to give scientific recommendations about an specialized field of knowledge.
The idea of creating an University Institute is a decision made by the governing bodies of the Universitat. When an university institute is shared by several universities it is called “Inter-universitary Institute”. These are created through agreements between universities. In any case, its creation has been approved by the organ of Government of the Autonomous Community in which they belong, according to the Social Council of the University and the favourable report of the Council of Universities (article 10 of the University Reform Act).

In 1978 the University Institute for Valencian Language is created (O.M 11 July, BOE 18-X-1978) as a scientific body of the Universitat de València; this initiative is conceived by professor Manuel Sanchis Guarner, its first director. After his death, professors Joa Fuster, Antoni Ferrando, Rafael Alemany, Manuel Pérez Saldanya (as acting director), Joan J. Ponsoda and Ferran Carbó assumed the position.

Once its transformation was agreed, the Inter-universitary Institute for Valencian Language (IIFV) was founded as such according to the 22 November 1994  Decree of the Valencian Governement (DOGV 29-XI-1994), after the mandatory report of the Council of Universities. It is formed by Universitat de València-Estudi General, Universitat d’Alacant and Universitat Jaume I of Castellón; the three valencian universities with higher studies in Filology. The IFV regulation foresee the integration of other valencian universities.

The main aim of the IIFV is the linguistic and literary study of the valencian language, within the general framework of catalan language and literature. Apart from its educational and scientific purposes, the IIFV has, among its competences, the advice on every area related to valencian literature and language. On the agreement for the establishment of the IIFV it is said that, despite the autonomy of each university, the IIFV will be the only body that, in the name of all the universities that are part of it, could advise on its fields of competence.

The IIFV has collaborated with the local and autonomic administration, and with others public institutions on the issuance of reports and decisions about linguistic issues, on the advice on research works and on grammatical and lexicographical issues.

During this period the IIFV is going to iniciate an Internal Regulations Reform. These new Regulations is going to be approved in the CG reunion of 10 November 2000. Afterwards, it is going to be approved by the Government Meeting and Social Councils of the three universities.

This Regulation has been renovated as a consecuence of the implementation of the LOU and the new statutes that affects valencian universities. It was approved by the General Council of the IIFV and the Government Councils of the three universities. It was implemented in November 2006.