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LC-MS Software:

  • Analyst 1.5.1: for the control and data acquisition of the equipment.
  • Formula Finder e Isotopic pattern: to determine the molecular formula of an unknown compound.
  • Peak View: for fast and efficient compound identification (own libraries: pesticides, antibiotics-anthelmintics, organophosphates, nitrosamines, perfluorinated products, steriods...).
  • MultiQuant: to perform work at the triple quadrupole level.
  • Markerview: metabonomics for principal component analysis and statistical studies of compound and metabolite identification results.
  • MetabolitePilot: for metabolite identification.
  • Sciex OS: MRM quantification.


  • MassHunter.
  • Wiley Spectroteca, RTL libraries (pesticide) and Nist.