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Leica DMR and Leica DM IRBE

Fluorescence Optical Microscope with lens of 10x, 20x, 40x(oil), 63x(oil) and 100x(oil) and with 120W fluorescent lamp. It has a digital high-resolution image capture system  DFC450C (up to 5 megapixels) controlled through LAS programme.


Multiphoton confocal microscope assembled on a motorized BX6WI vertical microscope equipped with a water immersion objective XPLN25xWMP exclusive for multiphoton microscopy, with a numerical aperture of 1.05 and with a working distance of 2mm. It has the Laser MAI-TAI HP DeepSee (Spectra Physics) tunable pressed in the rank of 690 to 1040 nm with an average power of 2.0 W. This type of laser as being infrared allows greater penetration in the sample and produces less cell damage. The signal is collected by four detectors that cover the entire visible rank (420-500/515-580/590-650/660-740) (instructions).


Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope. Confocal microscope assembled on a motorized inverted IX81 that has the following lens: 10x, 20x, 40x, (oil), 60x (oil), 60x (water). The excited lines of this equipment are: 405nm, 488nm, 515nm, 559nm, 594nm and 635nm. This instrument also has a CO2 camera what makes suitable to work with live cell (instructions).

Fluoview FV10iW (OLYMPUS)

Inverted confocal equipment of totally motorised that allow the development of programmed acquisitions on several predefined areas. It has an objective 10x (NA 0.4) dry and a 60x (NA 1, 2) of water immersion. The lines of excitation are appropriate for experiments in live cell because it has a temperature-controlled incubator (instructions).

IN Cell Analyzer 2000

High content analysis system by automatic image adquisition for the study of living or fixed cells. This system has four long distance objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x and 40x. In addition, it has an incubator with temperature control and automatic reagent handling (instructions and list of suitable plates).


Stereomicroscope with a working rank of 7.3x-120x, working distance 61,5mm, vision field of 31.5 to 1.92mm and led lighting system. It has a digital capture system IC80HD (up to 3 megapixels) controlled by LAS programme.





Electron microscope of field emission transmission of 200kV (FEG) with 0.24nm resolution (Point resolution). It is equipped with a camera CCD GATAN and “Digital Micrograph” Software of image acquisition and treatment. This equipment allows making HRTEM images, diffraction patterns of electrons and spectroscopic techniques such as EDS and Mapping. It also has a sample holder of “Double-Tilt” which allows the complete orientation of the sample (characteristics of the equipment).

JEM-1010 (JEOL)

Electron microscope of transmission of 100KV with a AMT RX80 (8Mpx) digital camera (instructions).

S-4800 (HITACHI)

Scanning electron microscope with a spotlight of field emission (FEG) with a resolution of 1.4nm at 1KV. This equipment has backscattered detector of RX BRuker, transmission detector, the QUANTAX 400 programme for microanalysis and the five motorised axes (instructions).

S-4100 (HITACHI)

Electron Microscope of scanning with spotlight of field emission (FEG) with 1.5nm to 30kv resolution, BSE AUTRATA detector and digital image acquisition system QUANTAX 200 (instructions).


Environmental scanning electron microscope (instructions) with EDAX microanalysis system, and option of “mapping” and “line scan” (instructions). Additionally, the equipment has the HOT STAGE option that allows working in environmental mode at a temperature up to 1000ºC.




Leica EM TRIM2

LEICA EM TRIM2 is a high speed milling system with stereomicroscope integrated and light ring of LED light that allows a fast, easy and accurate trimming of biological and industrial samples and prepare them for the later performance of ultra-thin cuts.

 Leica CM1950 Cryostato

Machine for freezing and cut off tissues between 6 y and 50 microns. Sample preparation for optical microscopy, for histology and immunohistology colourations

 Leica EM AFS2 Cryosubstitution 

Equipment that carries out the progressive substitution and reduction of temperature without chemical fixation of samples. Polymerization control with UV led light. Armed with magnifying glass handling system.

Automatic Tissue Processor Leica EM TP

Instrument used for fixation, dehydration and resin embedding. It can process samples for electron microscopy and light microscopy.

Automatic Processor Leica HistoCore PEARL

Tissue processor used for embedding samples in parfin under controlled conditions of temperature and pressure .

Isomet Buehler low speed saw 

Equipped with diamond disc and adapter for different sample sizes.

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