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Gas-mass Chromatographer, GC-MS

Gas chromatographer with single quadrupole mass spectrometry detector, GC-MS, applying volatile compound analysis.

Hybrid mass spectrometer

Hybrid mass spectrometer with flight time quadrupole analyser, QTOF (LC-MS/MS) high resolution.

LC-MS/MS Spectrometer (triple quadrupole)

Mass spectrometer with TQ Detector triple quadrupole analyser. Metabolite quantification.

QTRAP 6500+

A more sensitive and selective piece of equipment, faster in carrying out analysis and a solid service improver for the analysis of trace-level samples (pico-nanograms levels) of a great metabolite number in complex matrices such as biofluids and tissues, in an automated and relatively fast manner, generating a profile by multivariate statistical techniques, etc.

Funding entities

European Union - European Development Regional Fund
Conselleria d'Educació, Investigació, Cultura i Esport