The University of Valencia (UV) and particulary its units (faculties, departments, institutes, among others) can accept both home and overseas students for an academic traineeship, since this is an educational activity that helps students the application of the knowledge acquired during their learning process and the achivement of the necessary skills for the development of their professional careers.

Acceptance stays are directly supported by the hosting staff. The staff from the UV who plan to act as host to students traineeship stays, should be aware that some advance planning is necessary.

Instructions about the academic, organisational and economic aspects for the development of home and overseas student traineeships at the units of the University of Valencia are described in the Order 5/2016  

To facilitate the application and ensure stays run effectively, please follow the appropriate instructions as per the below.

Instructions for students who intend to carry out a traineeship at UV

  1. Contact the appropriate department to organise your acceptance at UV:
  2. Read carefully the application guideline Order 5/2016, paying special attention to insurance requirements.

Instructions for staff from UV hosting students for traineeship

  1. Read carefully the guideline Order 5/2016 for directions.
  2. Submit the authorisation form (Annex I) to the Head of your Faculty, Department, Institute, accordingly.
  3. One the stay has been authorised by the compentent body and before sending the acceptance letter to the student, please make sure that he/she provides you with a valid insurance policy which meets the requirements in the guideline Order 5/2016
  4. Please, be aware that any formalities needed (traineeship agreement, certificates of arrival or attendance, access to libraries, premises, wifi, etc) must be directly arranged and signed by the hosting staff .

Once the stay has finished, please send a scanned copy of Annex I to training (at), for statistical purposes.