La Nau joins to the ‘Right to Know’ Day

El 28 de septiembre es el Día Internacional del Derecho a la Información y del Derecho a Saber.

ACICOM (Asociació Ciutadana i Comunicació) organises, framed in the Debate Forum program, a conference for the ‘Right to Know’ Day which comprise the exhibition and knowledge of some good Valencian practices, accessing to information and a roundtable discussion that will address the situation of the right to know in Spain. The act will be held today Friday at 18h at the Seminar Halls of the Cultural Centre La Nau.

On Saturday, 28 September, is commemorated worldwide the 11th International Day for the Right to Know. The 'right to know' or access to information is a human right recognized in various legal instruments, national and international. In September 2002, during a meeting in Sofia (Bulgaria) several advocacy organizations access to information created the 'Network activists for freedom of information (network FOIAnet).

The memorandum for the establishment of this network, it was considered that "the transparency of public administration and the availability of information on matters of public interest are fundamental preconditions for public participation in decision-making and for the fight against corruption ". Additionally fixed 28 September of each year as the International Day for the Freedom of Information: 'Right to Know', with the aim of holding "all individuals aware of their right to access information of actions and activities of the governments ".

This year's celebration in Spain coincides with the time of processing the Transparency Law Access to Information and Good Government, that after waiting for so long, looks very watered before the claims of all entities that are part of the Proaccés Coalition. Non-acceptance of the latest amendments by the popular group, majority in Parliament, will leave Spain occupying the position 72 of the 96 existing transparency laws in the world


The entrance to the conference in La Nau on Friday is free admission with limited capacity. More info and program:


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