The University of Valencia will invest as Doctor ‘Honoris Causa’ Ken Bain, Antonio Lazcano, Jose Jalife and Robert Roe

Imatge d'arxiu d'una sessió d'investidura.

The University of Valencia will invest as doctors ‘honoris causa’ educator Ken Bain, biologist Antonio Lazcano, physiologist Jose Jalife and psychologist Robert A. Roe. This is what the Government’s Council of the institution has decided in their session last Thursday July 24. Data on the investments will be concreted subsequently. Aids for elite athletes have also been approved.

Ken Bain is a professor at the University of Texas. Founder of teaching and learning centers such as the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of New York, Searle Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Northwestern, the Center for Teaching at the University of Vanderbilt and the Research Academy for University Learning at the University of Montclair, is author of the best seller ‘Allò que fan els millors professors universitaris’ (what the best university professors do), edited in Spain by the University of Valencia.

Antonio Lazcano is a Mexican scientist specialized in evolutionary biology and science disseminator at the Science Faculty at the National Autonomic University of Mexico, where he founded the courses ‘Origen de la Vida’ (Life Origin) and directs the Life Origin Laboratory. Lazcano has studied, for over 35 years, early life evolution through the study of gen and genome sequences. He currently directs the Lynn Marguils Center of Evolutionary Biology at the Galapago Islands (Ecuador). This center is dedicated to the memory of the North American biologist Lynn Marguils, who reformulated the Endosymbiosis Theory.

José Jalife (Mexico, 1947) is doctor by the National Autonomic University of Mexico (1972). After his clinic formation in Spain, he came back to Mexico to research on cardiovascular pharmacology and physiology at the National University and the National Institute of Cardiology. In 1973, he moved to the United Stated to work as a postdoctoral intern at the Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse (New York), and the Medical Research Laboratory in Utica (New York). He joined the Pharmacologic Departmnet at Upstate Medica University, as a faculty member in 1980, and became its president in 1988. In January 2008, he was recruited by the University of Michigan for his job as professor and director of the Arrhythmia Research Center.

Robert A. Roe, emeritus professor at Maastricht University and president of the European Federation of Psychology Associations (EFPA), has a wide experience in personnel and organizations, which included selection and evaluation of the personnel, professional development, information technology at the organizations, leadership, teams… He has written over 400 scientific and professional publications, including different books. He has been member of the editorial council in different scientific magazines, for example the ‘Journal of Organizational Behavior’ (EUA) and the ‘European Journal of W&O Psychology’ (Europe).


The Government Council voted, as well, the naming and renewal of the emeriti teachers and of honorary teachers. Hence, voted for emeriti teachers for next academic year have been: Enrique Alborch, Brigitte Lepinette, Eugenio Burriel, Matilde Fernández, Pascual Lahuerta, Francisco Martínez, Enrique Orts, Miquel de Renzi, Enrique Gómez, Antonio Pellín, Antonio Martínez, Francisco Tomás and Emilio Valiño. And as honorary teachers: Concepción Gómez, Fernando Tena, Amando Peydro, Miguel Roig, Antonio Llombart and Julia Sevilla.

Elite Athletes

On the other hand, the Government Council approved a new calling for grants for elite athletes. In the year 2013/2014 196 applications were presented and 161 were approved. Two of the beneficiaries participated in the London 2012 Olympic Games, six are high level sportsmen, 42 have been called for their corresponding national team, 70 have results in the Spanish University Championships and 41 participated in the international university championships. Elite athlete students can access an academic guardianship, which allows an individual treatment coherent with the academic demands and with the possibilities of these top sportsmen; flexibility of schedules; use of sports facilities; free assistance in the Sportsmen Support Office… They get free election credits, as well. Elite athletes who accomplish determined requirements can obtain some economic grants, or a free registration. The amount of these grants depends on the the University’s yearly budget.

Institutional condolence

Within their report, Principal Esteban Morcillo expressed the institutional condolence because of the death of Juan Marín García, member from the FUE (University Schoolar Federation), entity to which the UV delivered the Institution Medal, in 2001.

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