Compulsory module

Code Name Credits Course syllabus, schedules, exams
42730 Business strategic management and audit of the organisational system 6 Check info
42731 Introduction to work, organisational and personnel psychology 6 Check info
42732 Labour economics 6 Check info
42733 Theory of industrial relations 6 Check info
42734 Labour and social protection legislation 6 Check info
42735 Economic activity and economic policy 3 Check info
42736 Industrial relations systems 3 Check info
42737 Management of equality and diversity 3 Check info
42738 Labour standards and assessment of HR needs 3 Check info
42739 Legal constraints of HR management 3 Check info
42740 Job design, recruitment and selection 3 Check info
42741 Training and career development 3 Check info
42742 Sistemas retributivos 3 Check info
42743 Quality of working life and psychological well-being 3 Check info
42777 Performance 3 Check info
42744 Workshop on oral and written communication and reporting 3 Check info
42745 Workshop on leadership and emotional intelligence 3 Check info
42746 Taller de Coaching 3 Check info
42747 Workshop on the development of effective teams and conducting of meetings 3 Check info
42748 Workshop of negotiation 3 Check info
42749 Strategy and management of human resources 3 Check info
42750 Change, organisational development and dispute management 3 Check info
42751 Organisational climate, culture and leadership 3 Check info
42752 Organisational and human resources consultancy 3 Check info
42753 Competency-based and value-based management 3 Check info

Master's final project

Code Name Credits Course syllabus, schedules, exams
42755 Master's final project 15 Check info

External internships

Code Name Credits Course syllabus, schedules, exams
42754 External internships 15 Check info
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