1st year

Total credits: 60 | Compulsory: 49, Optional: 11.
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
44743 Public and private corruption 3 Compulsory Check info
44739 Issues in the area of general criminal law with special emphasis on socio-economic offences 5 Compulsory Check info
44742 Fraud: swindle, misappropriation, corporate crimes, punishable tenders 3 Compulsory Check info
44740 Offences against public finances and social security. Money Laundering 3 Compulsory Check info
44741 Crimes in the financial and stock market and against the market and the consumers 3 Compulsory Check info
44745 Right to criminal legality 3 Compulsory Check info
44736 The spanish procedural system at present and forward-looking proposals 6 Compulsory Check info
44735 Fundamentals of socio-economic criminal law. Development of criminal ideas. Criminal policy. Specialties in the socio-economic order 6 Compulsory Check info
44738 The gathering of evidence 3.5 Compulsory Check info
44737 Criminal investigations and sources of evidence 3.5 Compulsory Check info
44750 Master's final project 10 Compulsory Check info
Elective subjects 11 Optional

Elective subjects

Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
44746 Guilt and endangerment 3 Optional Check info
44748 Instrumental offences and application of bankruptcy rules 2 Optional Check info
44744 Legal research methodology 5 Optional Check info
44749 External internships 9 Optional Check info
44747 General principle of freedom: Criminal law of risk. Expansion and proportionality 3 Optional Check info