• Degree Programmes Offered

Knowledge branch: Arts and humanities

Taught at: Faculty of Geography and History

Undergraduate degree website: www.uv.es/grado/historia

Credits: 240

Basic training: 60

Compulsory: 138

Elective: 30

Work Placement/Internship: ------

Final Project: 12

Degree code: 1005

Classes: face-to-face

Years: 4

Places available for new students
[2023-2024 academic year]:

Price per credit
[2023-2024 academic year]:
12,79 €

Regulated professions for which the degree certificate qualifies: Not applicable

Languages used in class: English, Spanish, Valencian

Minimum number of enrolment credits per student: 30 ECTS

Degree Academic Committee President (CAT): Marta García Carrión

Degree Coordinator: M. Amparo Mateo Donet

Work Placement/Internship Coordinator: Manuel Lomas Cortés

International Coordinator: Carlos Gómez Bellard

Academic, scientific or professional interest:

Studying history provides a critical knowledge of the humanity’s past which, in turn, allows for an understanding of the present. It also creates a feeling of respect for the past and historic, cultural, artistic and archaeological heritage, and furthermore, an awareness of the diversity of cultures and civilizations, which encourages a respect for foreign cultural values and traditions and a development of a civic conscience. In addition, this degree provides basic knowledge of a historian’s methods, techniques and instruments for analysis.

Worth Noting:

The theoretical subject areas incorporate practical blackboard exercises, analyses of historical texts and complementary activities that aid studying and comprehension and contribute towards the student’s overall grade.

Students have the chance to carry out optional external internships (for 6 credits), which will allow them to get closer to one of the professions related to the history.

The History, History of Art and Geography and the Environment degrees have the same academic pathway in the fourth year. This pathway is made up of 30 optional credits and is aimed at those who wish to take the Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teaching.