6th Congress of Feminist Economics. Open registration

La Cátedra Economía Feminista amplía plazo de inscripción para participar en el VI Congreso de Economía Feminista

Schedule: From 27 may 2019 to 4 september 2019. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 00:00 to 23:59.


Place: Campus UPV, sala Paraninfo


The Chair for Feminist Economics expands the number of places and the registration period to participate in the 6th Congress of Feminist Economics that will take place from 5th to 7th September. Pre-registration will be open from 27th May and the presentation of proposals can be made from 3rd June.

This congress will be structured in three axes: 1) research-communications; 2) training and 3) action and political debate.

This new edition of the congress of feminist economics is preceded by the experience and knowledge generated in the previous editions and in the networks of exchange and political action that we have been nurturing ever since.

On this occasion we want to open dynamics of theoretical and practical work that facilitate the development of the thematic axes of greater relevance for the feminist economics (care, eco-feminism), the conformation of applicable instruments through public policies (taxation, budgets with gender approach), the definition of models of feminist governance and management of the common good and the resistance to the neoliberal belligerence. In recent years, the feminist movement has managed to reach a social majority the diversity of demands and vindications for a change in the model of society. More and more initiatives are arising, mainly from social movements, in which care and life are placed as basic priorities, and propose management alternatives to the orthodox economy and the market fundamentalism that has dominated the academic world and the economic and politic power centres.

Feminist Economics has to contribute decisively to generate alternatives to the economic and political model that is in crisis. We think that the change of paradigm cannot be postponed anymore and that feminism as an ethical project of social transformation has the capacity to generate synergies for the necessary and fair transitions with life.

The convening of this 6th Congress of Feminist Economics opens with a call to present proposals in any of the three axes, in order to build alternatives and processes of social transformation.

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Càtedra d’Economia Feminista .



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