Incentives for the development of teaching material in Valencian and English

Incentivos para la elaboración de material docente en valenciano e inglés

Schedule: From 3 january 2020 to 1 december 2020. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 00:00 to 23:59.


Place: Servei de Política Lingüística


The Language Service Policy calls for incentives for the the linguistic quality in the development of teaching material in Valencian and English, in order to promote its use in the university field. The Teachning and Research Staff of the Universitat that has assigned teaching in Valencian or English in the present or next four-month period may apply for the incentive from 3rd January to 1st December 2020. The amount of the incentives will be calculated based on the linguistic quality and content of the material, and will not surpass the €4,000 per year per applicant.

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