Shadowing Mentoring Programme
Shadowing Programme: Expansion of places

The places to be part of the 4th edition of the Shadowing program have been expanded. Professional development program through mentoring action. Registration open until April 22.


Do you want to be mentored by working professionals to improve your professional integration and/or career development?

If you are interested, eager to learn and develop yourself personally and professionally, and you are currently enrolled in the last year of an official degree or postgraduate course at the Universitat de València, sign up now!

The Office of the Vice-Principal for Lifelong Learning, Educational Transformation and Employment of the Universitat de València, through its employment service, UVjob, and in collaboration with Banco Santander, launches the 4th edition of the Shadowing programme.


This is a mentoring process through which an active professional (the mentor) who has been trained at the Universitat de València (UV), or who has some kind of link with it, voluntarily and altruistically advises, guides and orientates another (the mentee) in their professional integration and/or career development, through the transmission of knowledge and experiences acquired throughout their professional trajectory.


To students currently enrolled in the last year of their degree course and to students enrolled in official postgraduate courses at the Universitat de València.


The goal of the Shadowing Programme is that active professionals (graduates of the Universitat de València, or who are linked to the Universitat), on a voluntary and altruistic basis, guide and advise students enrolled in the last year of a degree course and/or official postgraduate courses of the Universitat de València, in their professional integration and/or career development, offering them personalised advice on various topics, through the transfer of experiences, knowledge and experiences generated by the mentors.


A minimum of 2 mentoring sessions will take place within the period indicated in the programme calendar (between May and September 2024). The sessions may be extended according to the needs presented by the mentee (participant) and depending on the availability of the mentor, as long as they are carried out within the established period.


The mentoring sessions will be done online and/or on-site. The time and date of the session will be established by both the mentor and the mentee (participant).


The application period starts Thursday, February 1, 2024, and will remain open until April 22, 2024, both inclusive. 

  • The registration can be done through the Santander scholarship application through this link.


Check the schedule through this link.


Participation rules can be found in this link.

MENTEE GUIDE (participant)

For more information on the benefits of the programme, what the mentor can do for you, mentor appointment, etc., we recommend that you consult the mentee guide through this link.

MORE INFORMATION: check this link.


Date From 1 february 2024 to 22 april 2024. 24h. Every day.



Amadeu de Savoia, 4 - 1a.

València (46010)

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Organized by


Universitat de València

Office of the Vice-Principal for de Lifelong Learning, Educational Transformation and Employment

General Foundation of the Universitat de València


In collaboration with Banco Santander




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