The Universitat de València holds the first edition of UVemprén Public Value

The call to participate in the first edition of the Training, Intrapreneurship and Talent in Public Administrations Programme (UVemprén Public Value) was published; it is launched by the Universitat de València via the Office of the Vice-Principal for Employment and Training Services and the Entrepreneurship Unit (UVemprén).


The objective of UVemprén Public Value is to provide complementary information and practical experience to university students wishing to access and develop a professional career in Public Administrations. This way, participants will be able to better understand the organisational structure and the value chain of said entities, and enhance competences and abilities related to public entrepreneurship and the development of an innovative profile.

To meet this aim, the programme gives financial aid to 70 undergraduate and postgraduate UV students seeking to carry out external internships in municipalities, associations of the latter or the Diputación de Valencia. This financial aid amounts to 250 euros per person and it covers travel expenses during the whole internship period, which must be completed between February 1st and June 30th 2021. Moreover, the aid also includes the issuance of a certificate for Intrapreneurship in Public Administrations.

In order to formalise the inscription to the programme, it is necessary to access UVemprén Valor Públic's website and check the list of public host entities —which will keep updating in the following days— to select a vacancy among the offered ones, before filling out the request which can be submitted at ENTREU’s enabled general application, the online office of the Universitat de València. The inscription goes to the Entrepreneurship Unit (UVemprén) via the procedure given by the UVemprén Public Value programme.

The submission deadline ends on February 15th 2021.


Date From 13 january 2021 to 15 february 2021. 24h. Every day.


Place Entrepreneurship Unit UVemprén

Organized by

Entrepreneurship Unit UVemprén.



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