• Estudiants del Campus de Tarongers UV

 Health and Safety and Environment Service (SPMA)

  • Scope of the certificate: “Activities aimed to guarantee the protection, safety and health of workers, developed by the Health and Safety, Radiation Protection and Environment of the Health and Safety and Environment Service of the UV-General Study.””
  • Certificate number: ES14/15760
  • Approval date: 2014

 Central Service for Experimental Research (SCSIE)

  • Scope of the certificate: “Activities in support of public and private research, providing of analytical, scientific, technical and other services, developed by the Central Service for the Support of Experimental Research (SCSIE) of Universitat de València Estudi General”
  • Certificate Number: ES054238-1
  • Approval date: 2014

Administrative and Economic Services of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia

  • Scope: “Academic, administrative and economic management"
  • Certificate number: ES025377
  • Approval date: 2010
  • Revision date: April 2011.
  • Second revision date: June 2012.
  • Recertification: 27 May 2013
  • Revision date: 30 May 2014
  • Date for the fllow-up second visit: 29 June 2015
  • Recertification: 20 May 2016

University Centre for Early Diagnosis and Intervention (University of Valencia)

  • Scope of the certificate: “Service management and provision of the Early Intervention Centre”.
  • Certificate number: ES12/11417
  • Approval date: 2012

 Professional Placement and Careers Advice Monitoring Centre (OPAL)

  • Scope of the certificate: “Studies on employability, service for the promotion and dissemination of training activities, and career counselling services to students and graduates of the University of Valencia”.
  • Certificate number: ES06/2550
  • Approval date: 2006

Environmental Radioactivity

  • Scope of the certificate: “Determination of radioactive parameters”.
  • Certificate number: ES05/1301
  • Approval date: 2005

 Unit for the Integration of People with Disabilities

  • Scope of the certificate: "Assessment and management of resources to support the integration of people with disabilities in the University of Valencia".
  • Certificate number: ES05/1497
  • Approval date: 2005

 Spanish Type Culture Collection (CECT)

  • Scope of the certificate: “Preparation, sale and distribution of microorganisms: bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi”
  • Certificate number: ES04/0813
  • Approval date: 2004

 University Extension Service

  • Scope of the certificate: “Management and organisation of university extension training activities".
  • Certificate number: ES 020215
  • Approval date: 2002
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