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2019 -20 Internship calendar for students.


Important information on work placements:


  1. GUIDE
  4. PRACTICES WITH MINORS ( information and links)


Steps Dates Places
Briefing students
May 14
At 10 o'clock in the morning
At 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon

Salón de Actos de la Facultat Geografia i Història

Deadline submission requests internships

From June 1 to July 25

Submission at Virtual Secretary 

Internship Requirements

Deadline submission request:

  1. Autopracticums
  2. Recognitions


From june 1 to July 25:

  • Virtual Secretary
  1. Submission of documentation (form, annexed 6 or 8)
  2. Entrega reconocimiento Secretaría Centro (instancia, vida laboral y certificado) y convalidaciones (certificado estudios)


Autopracticum requisitos:




Recognition Requirements (work placements guide excerpt)

Publication the list of admitted students in work placements in autopracticum, recognitions and accepted graduated

September 5


Listado Provisional Admitidos Internship:

- Degree in History:

- Degree in History of Art:

- Degree in Geography and Environment:

- Degree in Information and Documentation:   

Claims period 5 to 9 September  
Publication of the final list of admitted students

September 10/11

The enrolment in the Work Placements subject for all the degrees will be made ex officio at the Office of the secretary of the centre, the students DO NOT have to go to the Office of the secretary to formalise the enrolment.
In case of having enrolled in other subject temporarily, they DO have to go to the Office of the secretary to cancel this subject (Request instance for the cancellation of the subject)

List of students admitted:

- Degree in History

- Degree in History of Art

- Degree in Geography and Environment           

- Degree in Information and Documentation

List of practices offered

Link to the offer of extracurricular work placements of all the degrees


  •  Grado Historia
  •  Grado Historia del Arte
  •  Grado Geografía y Medio Ambiente
  •  Grado Información y Documentación

Work Placements choice


VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE:   for the choice of work placement the students will provide the number and the name of the chosen place that appears in the ADEIT list

- Degree in History:                              

- Degree in History of Art:

- Degree in Geography and Environment                                   

- Degree in Information and Documentation:

Conclusion of work placements contracts
10 working days from the collection of documentation (September)

Voluntary work placements

Prácticas en el extranjero
Oferta de prácticas al extranjero:                                                    
  • Ministerio de Asuntos extranjeros:
  • Unió Europea:
Complementary Activities: OPAL

Notice: The students that take classes on the mornings will attend to the afternoon session and the students that take classes on the afternoons, will attend to the morning session.

The degrees for which  these sessions are organised are the following:

- Information and Documentation

- Geography and Environment

- History

- History of Art

The OPAL session for external practices will be held on:   OF SEPTEMBER


morning from

afternoon from




Company Search

Cover letter and other resources: OPAL


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