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The annual accounts of the Universitat de València include the following information:

1. The budgetary bill of discharge, including the expenses budget settlement and the income budget, presenting the budgetary outcome of the period.

2. The balance of assets position, in which the active is presented where the goods, rights and deferred charges are included; and the pasive that includes the obligations and the own funds.

3. The account of the economic and patrimonial results, that present the experimented variation by the own funds as a consequence of the budgetary and non-budgetary operations.

4. The report, that completes, extends and comments the information included in the other annual accounts, and incorporates relevant information.

As well as the mechanisms of internal control of the budget management established according to what its Statutes stipulate, the Universitat de València, as a public institution, is subject to the control of the General Intervention of the Valencian Government and to the control of the Audit Office.

As entities belonging to the university public sector we find the ones that participate mostly for the University (Languages Centre of Universitat de València, Ltd. and Lluís Alcañiz Foundation) as well as other entities that, with a minority participation, work to develop institutional aims (University of Valencia General Foundation, Management of Projects of the UV General Foundation, S.L.U. and University of Valencia Science Park Foundation).

All these entities have subjected their annual accounts to the approval of the Board of Trustees of Universitat de València, to external reports and to the control of the Audit Office.