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The OCI staff inspects the Centres and Services

  • January 9th, 2018
Metal box with money

The visits began in mid-January 2018.

We consult periodically the reconciliations and the associated information for all fixed cash accounts of the UVEG using the SICUV computer system. At the same time, we carry out inspections in the units that have these type of funds to confirm the effective signing of the documentation by the competent bodies,  the physical existence of the original documentation reviewed through the SICUV. In the latter case we perform, for example, the verification of all those elements of the reconciliation that we find appropriate and that cannot be consulted from the application (for example, the concepts of credits and debits relating to operations not recorded in the computer system), the verification of the printing of all accounting documents that are part of each of the revised final reconciliations and the on-spot verification of the cash balance available in the fixed cash account on the date of the inspection. A report is sent promptly to the management of the unit after each of the inspections.