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1st session of the Reading Club at the Language Learning Centre of Blasco Ibáñez

  • November 26th, 2021

Last Friday we discussed Dones d'aigua, hòmens de fang in the CAL Catalan Reading Club

This Club aims to offer you books in Catalan, because we know that reading is a fantastic source of pleasure and also learning. We want to provide you, at the Blasco Ibáñez campus Language Learning Centre, a space where you can discuss your impressions of the books you have read. At the Club you will meet other people who are also studying or practising Catalan and you will exercise your reading comprehension, oral expression and interaction, as well as expanding your vocabulary and learning more about Valencian culture. 

In the introductory session of the Club we decided that the first reading would be Dones d'aigua, hòmens de fang, by Toni Cucarella. On the first session, 26 November, we discussed about Cucarella's novel and we agreed to read El café de la granota, by Jesús Moncada, for the second session, which will be on 17 December.

The next readings and dates will be agreed as the Club progresses. The Blasco Ibáñez Language Learning Centre will be closed for normal uses (advice, self-study, loan of material, etc.) during the Reading Club meetings. 

For more information, send an email to