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Counselling meetings for professors


Les consultes sobre aquesta convocatòria es poden adreçar a

La presentació de la sol·licitud es pot fer a través del portal Entreu (seu electrònica de la Universitat), amb l’usuari i contrasenya de la Universitat de València o amb certificat electrònic emès per una autoritat de certificació oficial. En els menús del formulari, seleccioneu “Serveis universitaris”, “Servei de Política Lingüística” i “Dinamització”. Recordeu adjuntar-hi l’imprès específic de la convocatòria, amb totes les dades pertinents, com també les documentacions requerides en les bases.

We consider it imperative that the teaching and research staff know all the available support services to linguistic quality in Catalan and English and the options offered by the University in order to be trained and accredited in international communication languages.

To this end we offer you the possibility of organising a personalised meeting to advice and inform you about languages at the University, which services and incentives we offer and how to use it.

You can arrange a personalised meeting and a member of the service staff will go to your office to provide you all the information.


You can choose the day and time that suits you better, both on mornings and evenings. Nevertheless, you must agree the schedule with the correspondent technician, depending on her or his availability.


In your office or any other space of the campuses of the Universitaty of Valencia*.
*Except Ontinyent Campus


Who can request it?

University teaching and research staff.

How can I request it?

Fill the application form and a member of our staff will contact you to confirm the receipt of the request and the day and hour of the meeting.