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The Evaluation and Foresight Valencian Agency (AVAP) as an entity that performs the functions of evaluation of university quality in the area of the Valencian Community, is in charge of monitoring the official degrees (Law 5/2006 25 May, of the Valencian Government (Generalitat), in which is established that the AVAP is in charge of the evaluation of the activities that establishes the Organic Law of Universities). A guide including the standards and basic common indicators for the development of this process will be prepared.

The monitoring of a degree is a gradual process that should lead to its continuous improvement and ending with its certification. That is why, during the monitoring the role that AVAP plays for the university is that of external advisor, which provides an objective evaluation about how the implementation of each of its degrees is being carried out and that its main objective is to offer students the best possible education.

The monitoring procedure is regulated by the RESOLUTION of 14 January 2013, of the presidency of the Evaluation and Foresight Valencian Agency, which amends the Resolution of 15 December, 2010, in which was approved the monitoring of official university degrees in the Valencian Community.

The regulation is complemented with the guide for monitoring university degrees in which is specified the basis that will be analysed during the implementation of the verified degrees and registered in the Universities Register, Centres and Degrees (RUCT). With this programme the AVAP responds to the university organisation which shows to society the commitment with the quality assurance for the education offered to our students.

Basic aspects 

  • The monitoring of degrees covers the period that goes from the implementation of the degree (after its verification) to the moment when the degree has to be evaluated for the renewal of its certification.
  • All official degrees taught by public and private universities and its affiliated centres that compose the Valencian University System have to be monitored, as well as the centres affiliated to universities that don’t belong to this System, but it have its headquarters in the Valencian Community.
  • The degrees (Undergraduate degress and Official Master’s degrees) with two year of implementation will participate in the monitoring; this will be carried out during the third year.