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Useful documents for 2016-2017 academic year


1. Instructions before you go

2. Once you arrive to the host institution

3. When you come back

4. Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support 2015-2016

4. In case you need it

5. General instructions to fill in all the documents

6. Checklist


Instructions before you go

Once you have completed your Erasmus Placement Programme Application, if you are granted with the scholarship, the International Relations and Cooperation Service will contact you to ask you to carry out the following steps:

1.- Grant Erasmus Placement Programme Acceptance: the acceptance must be carried out through the electronic processing environment ENTREU, submitting the procedure “Erasmus Placement Programme Grant Acceptance 2016-2017. You have to indicate the IBAN of your bank account and the personal details of someone we can contact with in case of emergency. When the process has finished an acceptance justifying will be generated.

Once it is validated, you will receive a notification from which you will be able to download a certificate/designation of the Erasmus Placement Programme allocated

2.- Grant agreement: this documents contains administrative, economic dates (of the grant) and your signature. We need the document with the original subject, so you have to hand it in in paper before you go or send it via courier service, always before the carrying out of the work placements, to the International Relations and Cooperation Service

3.- Online Linguistic Suport (test before the mobility): in the Erasmus+ Programmes those students who take place in an mobility plan have to carry out an exam before the mobility to certificate their knowledge in the language of training, and another exam after the placement. Students will receive an e-mail with the instructions. The language assesment are mandatory for these languages: german, chezc, danish, greek, french, english, italian, dutch, polish, portuguese and swedish.

  in some cases, they will be offered a course to expand their knowledge in such language.

4.- Health, liability and accidents insurance: International Relations Office will provide you with the insurance. You will receive the receipt by e-mail before your departure. We also recommend you to manage the European Health Insurance Card.

5.- You must register in the  Traveller’s Register and in the Consulate or Embassy of Spain in the town where you are going to. Read this information in order to know the advantages to do it: http://www.exteriores.gob.es/Portal/en/ServiciosAlCiudadano/SiViajasAlExtranjero/Paginas/QueDeboHacerAntesDeViajarAlExtranjero.aspx

Once you arrive to the host institution

Arrival confirmation You have to submit it via ENTREU (Expediente Erasmus Prácticas procedure), duly signed by the company or host institution. It is advisable for students to keep the original as personal prove.

Appendix for further modifications in the work placements agreement.  You should fill in this document if important changes are produced (period, tasks, tutors, etc...) in your work placement in relation to what was initially indicated in your work placement agreement so changes can be reflected in your academic record.

  • When the modifications refer to an extension of the period of work placements in any event the communication should be done, approved and signed before the competition of the deadline initially settled.
  • Index must be sent via e-mail to (practiques@uv.es) with the approval of the coordinator and the company.

Important: in order to receive the first payment of the grant  you must have handed in all the required information. The payment procedure of the grants will be made by order of reception of the certificate.

When you come back:

a) Certificate of stay: you have to submit via ENTREU the certificate of stay dully signed and with the stamp of the host institution which reflects the months of stay. Important: the date of the signature of the stay certificate must be the same or after completing the work placement period

It is highly important to have into account the advertisements on dates and correction prohibitions reflected at the foot of the document.

b) UE Survey: once you have submitted the certificate of stay, you will be sent from the EU an e-mail for you to fill in an online form.

The payment of the second term of the grant will be completed once students have sent such EU form.


In case you need it:


Resignation letter of the grant: you have to address it to the International Relation and Cooperation Service as well as submit it through the General Register or any of the auxiliary registers of the UV

List of mobility coordinators of the Degree

List of mobility coordinators of work placement of the centre


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