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Transfer of results

What is the transfer of results?

The research activity carried out in universities generates R+D+I results that can be profitably exploited in the market.
In order to ensure that these R+D results flow from the university community to society, the transfer of results process is set in motion, which consists of disseminating, communicating and transferring these results to the different actors (companies, public institutions, foundations, social agents, etc.) that have the capacity to make them available to the general public.
The university function of transferring research results requires their correct management and protection, as part of their valorisation process, whether through Industrial Property Titles (patents, utility models, etc.), Intellectual Property or Industrial Secrecy.

Who is it for?

This section is for Teaching and Research Staff of the UV and members of the university community in general, as well as companies, investors and other external organisations interested in the research results developed at the Universitat de València.

What is this process for?

The principal aim of the transfer of results is to turn the university's knowledge and innovations into new products, processes or services from which the general public can benefit.
The transfer of results of the Universitat de València aims to achieve maximum social and economic impact of the research results developed by the research groups of the UV, so that they reach the end user, businesses and society in general.

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  • Identification, evaluation and registration of research results developed at the UV. 
  • Advice and management of the protection of research results, either by patent or by other means of industrial or intellectual property protection (IPR). 
  • Analysis of the innovative potential of the UV’s research results.
  • Valorisation of the research results: advice on calls for proof of concepts, demonstration projects, prototype development, etc., search for funding, search for partners. (Valorisation and Transfer)
  • Drafting and dissemination of scientific-technological offers (STO) of research results. Attendance to technological fairs and meetings with companies.
  • Drafting, negotiation and management of research results transfer agreements (licences, licensing options, material transfer agreements) as well as other agreements accompanying the transfer work (co-ownership agreements, confidentiality agreements relating to research results).
  • Promoting the collaboration of UV research staff with companies to carry out valorisation and innovation projects. 
  • Promotion, advice and support in the setting up of technological based companies, spin-offs of the UV, based on the exploitation of the UV’s research results, contributing to the creation of new jobs.
  • Holding of information and awareness-raising days and training workshops on the valorisation and transfer process among the university community.
  • Active participation in national and international technology transfer networks.

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