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- Article 56 of Royal Decree 1892/2008 of 14 November, which regulates the conditions to access to an official Bachelor's degree and the procedures for admission toSpanish public universities, determines the general criteria which will have to adjust the universities to resolve the requests of students with partial official Spanish university studies , who wish to be admitted to another college and/or university studies.
- Article 57 of the aforementioned Royal Decree also includes the policies and rules that must be get to resolve the requests of students with foreign university with partial or total studies that don't have obtained recognition of the title in Spain.


Scope of application
Are allowed to apply the admission:
a) Students with partial official Spanish university studies who wish to be admitted to undergraduate studies in our University and are recognized for a minimum of 30 credits, according to which article 6 of Royal Decree 1393/2007
b) Students with partial foreign university studies or totals that don't have obtained recognition of the title in Spain, who wish to be admitted to undergraduate studies and are awarded a minimum of 30 credits.


Avalaible places:

Social Work: 5

Labour Relations and Human Ressources: 5

Sociology: 5.



Preinscription: Juliol, 1st to 20th

Place: website

List publication:  before 30th september

Admitted students must send an email to indicating their intention to enrol, the method of payment (direct debit or credit card) and the number of instalments (1, 2 or 8). In any case, the admission granted to continue studies at the UV involves the completion of at least 30 credits, in addition to the corresponding final degree project.


Documentation to be provided:
Spanish studies
Official certificate of studies, stating the official duration in academic years of the curriculum, subjects studied and qualifications obtained.
Program of the subjects studied, sealed by the University of origin.
If the resolution of the CAT recognises at least 30 credits, the student will be able to make the application for admission of partial studies within the deadline indicated by the appropriate Faculty at the official website
Once admitted, students are given registration date. The student will have to pay 25% of the price of the subjects reconeixides.
The documentation must be presented on the day of the registration accompanied the originals for the match.


Strangers studies

  1. Certificate accrediting the identity and nationality of the applicant.
  2. Official document attesting that the home university is authorized or recognized.
  3. Affidavit of not having obtained the recognition of the degree as equivalent in another Spanish university, or having asked for it.
  4. Certified copy of the official record of their completed university studies for obtaining the undergraduate degree.
  5. Copy of the programmes or teaching guides of the passed subjects stamped by the home university.
  6. Fee payment for the examination of the file: 143,73€

Documents issued abroad shall comply with the following requirements:

  1. They must be official and issued by the competent authorities.
  2. They must be legalized through diplomatic channels or, if necessary by the Hague apostille. This requirement shall not apply to documents issued by the authorities of the EU Member States or signers of the European Economic Area Agreement.
  3. If necessary, the corresponding official translation in any of the official languages of the Valencian Community must be attached.

Once admitted, the student will be given the date for enrolment. The student must pay 25% of the subjects recognized.