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CIDEC -Centre of European Information and Documentation on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy- is a documentation centre assigned to IUDESCOOP (University Institute on Social and Cooperative Economics) of the University of Valencia and to the scientific association CIRIEC-Spain.

Its main task is supporting research and training in social and cooperative economy, providing specialised information and advice to researchers, teachers, professionals of this sector, students and other people interested in issues of social economy, particularly in matters related to associated work cooperatives, agricultural cooperatives, labour companies, voluntary non-profit organizations and associations, as well as on issues of employment, social services, public policy and rural tourism.

CIDEC undertakes the processing of documentation and bibliographical (or not) information, searching, location and access to documentation related to the fields of Public, Social and Cooperative Economy. To this end, the articles contained in journals, both national and international, that deal with social and cooperative economy and public economy existing in the documentation centre are processed and stored in a number of databases.

Since 1991 the journal Noticias del CIDEC (News about Public, Social and Cooperative Economy) is published, a four-monthly publication co-published with CIRIEC-Spain and with the sponsorship of the Valencian Government. Furthermore, CIDEC also collaborates in all the publications of CIRIEC-Spain.