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Institute service charter

Mission, Vision and Values

The Mission of the Institute reflects its raison d’être and long-term purpose. According to the articles 1 and 2 of the Reglamento de Régimen Interno del Instituto (Institute Internal Regulation System):

Article 1. … The general aims of the Institutes are to promote, coordinate and conduct scientific activities and techniques addressed to the development of knowledge on social and cooperative economy in its wide interdisciplinary sense, including among others, cooperatives, labour partnerships, friendly societies, associations, foundations and other third sector voluntary and non-profit organisations. Also, to promote the dissemination and transfer or exploitation of the research results, without any detriment to the training, postgraduate and doctoral or advising activities that, according to the current regulation, may be carried out in the aforementioned field. With this aim, the Institute will be able to establish contractual or scientific and technical collaborative relations with other research centres, companies and other natural or legal people, private or public, in the stipulations established in the Statutes and the rest of the current legislation.

Article 2. In addition to the aforementioned general aims, the University Institute on Social and Cooperative Economics has as concrete aims:

  • a) Promoting research in the different fields of social and cooperative economy.
  • b) Promoting works and research lines related to social and cooperative economy and launching the publication of those and other national and international works of quality in renowned scientific publications.
  • c) Organising and promoting study seminars, doctoral, postgraduate and specialisation courses in the field of social and cooperative economy.
  • d) Preparing appropriate educational materials for the courses, seminars and other training activities related with social and cooperative economy.
  • e) Managing and promoting the Centre of European Information and Documentation on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy (CIDEC) and its magazine Notícies del CIDEC.
  • f) Encouraging the coordination with other public and private, national and International, institutes, universities and research centres, whose activity is framed in the field of social and cooperative economy, and develop special relationships with CIRIEC Internacional (International Research and Information Centre on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy), with headquarters in the University of Liège, and with CIRIEC-España, with headquarters in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Valencia, through the collaboration in the publishing of its scientific magazines and other scientific publications.
  • g) Establishing permanent relations with cooperative movement and social economy organisations in the different territorial and sectorial fields, and promote the collaboration between the University and social economy.
  • h) Providing scientific and technical advice in the area of the Institute specialties to whom requests it.
  • i) Collaborating with the different stages of the Valencian Government, public authorities from different areas and the European Union in questions related with social and cooperative economy.
  • j) In general, promoting any initiative aimed at developing the study and research in the area of social and cooperative economy.

 The Institute's Mission can be summarised like:

The mission of the University Research Institute in Social Economy, Cooperativism and Entrepreneurship IUDESCOOP is to train competent professionals and promote research of national and international prestige and social impact in the area of social and cooperative economy.

The Institute’s Vision expects to resolve what the Institute wants to be in the future. In this sense, its main aims are the following:

The University Research Institute in Social Economy, Cooperativism and Entrepreneurship IUDESCOOP wants to be known in the future as:

  • A model of quality in postgraduate and doctoral training on innovative social and cooperative economy, whose aim is the qualification and professional insertion of its degree holders.
  • A model of quality in innovative social and cooperative economy research, pioneer and adapted to the reality and the needs of businesses and institutions of social and cooperative economy.
  • A model of quality in relations with society and their improvement proposals aimed at businesses and institutions of social and cooperative economy.

The Institute’s values, as inspirational principles of the procedural guidelines in this Plan and as procedural guidelines for its members, are the following:

  • Public service
  • Linked to the Valencian reality
  • Critical and innovative
  • Democratic and participative
  • Supportive and responsible
  • Active for equality
  • Committed to the preservation of the environment
  • Diversity integrator

From the mission, the vision, and the values described above, the strategic axis that form the main action areas of the Institute's Strategic Plan can be identified.


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