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Social economy as a socioeconomic sector comprising cooperatives, companies, NGO, foundations and other non-profit organisations and social companies, has experienced a strong growth in the world, specially in Europe, where in 2009 over 14,5 million people was employed, according to the European Economic and Social Committee-CIRIEC (2012). Its economic and labour dynamism in Spain and the Valencian Community is also strong: the number of Spanish Social Economy entities reached the figure of 51.762, with an invoicing of 101.555.000€ and 11.372.488 partners in 2007. At least 15% of these organisations (those of a significant size), form a considerable business universe, needed of management professionals. This social sector is meeting important regulatory functions of the social and economic system, generating social cohesion, maintaining and generating income, generating employment and inclusion of excluded, promoting the territorial development and social innovation (CIRIEC, 2007), the reason why public administration consider it as a key partner in their public policies.