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The main developed research lines are the following:

  • Latin American observatory of employment and social economy.

  • Public policies and Social economy. Design and assessment.

  • Cooperative business management and entities of social action.

  • Cooperative businesses accounting and entities of social action.

  • Legal status of cooperative businesses and other entities of social economy.

  • Cooperative company groups and merger of cooperatives.

  • Government and democracy in cooperative companies and of social economy.

  • New models of welfare services offer – dependence services

  • Labour insertion and social economy.

  • Social economy, employment dynamics and collective self-employment.

  • Economic theory on social economy.

  • Occupational health and occupational risk prevention in social economy companies.

  • Social innovation and business networks.

  • Information and communication technologies and law.

  • Voluntary work and volunteer organisations.

  • Permanent monitoring of Valencian cooperativism and social economy.