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International Master's Degree in Social and Solidarity Entrepreneurship

The International Master's Degree in Social and Solidarity Entrepreneurship, which is taught in blended learning (in Chile and online) is the result of an agreement signed by the University of Valencia with the University of Santiago de Chile, is aimed primarily at university graduates residing in Chile and aims to analyze the social and solidarity economy sector from an international perspective, as well as a deep interest in providing training in social solidarity entrepreneurship in an environment that is increasingly globalized, with social economy entities, more resilient to economic crises, which have a special place in the national and international markets.

In addition, the International Master's Degree in Social and Solidarity Entrepreneurship is based on the following pillars: entrepreneurship through the social and solidarity economy; analysis of the different options depending on social, economic and environmental characteristics, public policies to promote the social and solidarity economy, social marketing (as a tool for social change), social trends in strategic management, work organization and people management in social economy institutions, the ecosystem of social economy companies and entities, accounting and tax treatment in social economy companies, public-private partnerships or development cooperation through social and cooperative economy entities, as well as project management.

Advantages of taking the International Master's Degree in Social and Solidarity Entrepreneurship:

1. being linked to social development, decent work, equality, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals, the master's degree offers training tools to other countries, both European and Latin American.

2. Given that social and solidarity entrepreneurship is becoming more relevant, being defended by different national and international forums, having professionals who are equipped with these tools will be essential not only in the present, but in future years.

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