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IUDESCOOP Presentation


The University Research Institute in Social Economy, Cooperativism and Entrepreneurship, IUDESCOOP, is a centre of research, information, and, theoretical and practical specialization in the field of social and cooperative economy in its broadest sense. It is a UV-specific research Institute.

According to its Internal Regulations, the aims of IUDESCOOP are:

  • Promoting research in the various fields of social and cooperative economy
  • Promoting projects and research lines related to social and cooperative economy and encouraging the publication of them and of other national and international quality projects in prestigious scientific publications.
  • Organising and promoting study seminars, specialization and doctoral courses in terms of social and cooperative economy.
  • Developing training materials appropriated for conducting courses, seminars and other training activities relevant to the social and cooperative economy.
  • Leading and encouraging the Centre of European Information and Documentation on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy (CIDEC) and its journal «Noticias del CIDEC»
  • Enhancing coordination with other Institutes, Universities and Research Centres, public and private, Spanish and foreign, that frame their activity in the field of social and cooperative economy, developing special relationships with International CIRIEC (International Centre for Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy), based in the University of Liege, and with CIRIEC-Spain, located in the Faculty of Economy at the University of Valencia, collaborating on the publication of its scientific journals «CIRIEC-España, Revista de Economía Pública, Social y Cooperativa»(Journal on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy), CIRIEC-Spain Revista Jurídica de Economía Social y Cooperativa, (Legal Journal on Social and Cooperative Economy) Cuadernos de Trabajo de Economía Social y Cooperativa (Work notebooks on Social and Cooperative Economy)and other scientific publications.
  • Establishing permanent ties with organisations of the cooperative movement and the social economy in the diverse regional and sectorial areas and promoting collaboration between the University and the social economy.
  • Providing, upon request, scientific and technical advice in the area of specialities of the Institute
  • Collaborating with the various institutions of the Valencian Government, with different public authorities from different areas and with the European Union in matters related to social and cooperative economy.
  • In general, encouraging and promoting any initiative leading to the development of the study and research in the area of social and cooperative economy.

To accomplish these goals, IUDESCOOP can coordinate with other Spanish of foreign entities whose activities are similar or complementary in order to jointly develop research or specialization projects or any other task related to the field of social and cooperative economy.