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Welcome to the Universitat de València website

Our university, founded over five centuries ago by the Juries of Valencia, has become a modern, public university that teaches all areas of knowledge: social, economic and legal sciences, experimental sciences, engineering, health sciences, educational sciences and humanities.

More than 45,800 undergraduate students and 8,600 postgraduate students take classes taught by more than 3,300 professors, lectures and researchers at our campuses (Blasco Ibáñez, Burjassot-Paterna and Tarongers) with the support of over 1,700 administration and service staff.

On this website you can find all the information about our university: its facilities, centres, departments, research institutes and services. You can also learn about all the activities that the University undertakes: teaching, research, creation and dissemination of culture, knowledge transfer to the public and private sector, international cooperation and solidarity.

This community is committed to remain a reference within the university framework ─ we are ranked second in Europe in receiving Erasmus students and fourth among Spanish universities in the research field. According to the most prestigious international rankings, we are ranked fourth in Spain.

You can get to know us better on this website. I invite you to actively participate in university life at this institution – an institution of international reference that connects tradition and modernity, science and knowledge, culture and society.

We hope we can count on you in our ongoing effort to make a better, fairer and more developed society. A society that is more sustainable and advanced, which encourages equality among men and women and provides a higher life quality for citizens.