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What is the UV Online Office?

The Online Office of the Universitat de València is the available electronic address for members of the university community and citizens to access any information, procedure and service of the UV. 

The Online Office of the Universitat de València is accessible via the electronic address

It allows to access information on UV services and procedures, make inquiries on the processing status of files, start procedures, submit documentation in the General Registry Office, access the Suggestions, Complaints and Compliments Mailbox, as well as check publications about agreements, decisions, communications or administrative acts on the Official Electronic Notice Board, and other official information.

The Online Office belongs to the Universitat de València, which will ensure that all the accessible information and services meet the necessary integrity, veracity and update standards.

The Office of the General Secretary is responsible for the management of the Online Office and has the authority to introduce appropriate legal and administrative measures, as well as decisions issued during the development of the regulation on electronic management. 

The Office of the General Secretary will exercise its functions on this matter while coordinating with the Office of the General Secretary competent in electronic management, responsible for the technological management of the Online Office and for the introduction of safety measures ensuring accessibility and the integrity of information and services that are offered on the platform.

The management of each procedure and service accessible from the Online Office will be a responsibility of the UV bodies, services and administrative units, and they will have to ensure the veracity and update of the information on the above mentioned procedures and services offered on the Online Office.