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Security and interoperability

Information security

The Spanish law (Reial Decret 311/2022, de 3 de maig), which regulates the National Security Scheme (ENS) within the Spanish Electronic Administration, updates the ENS and is part of the package of urgent actions, adopted on May 25, 2021, to strengthen defense capabilities against cyberthreats on the public sector and the collaborating entities that supply technologies and services to it.

The first National Security Scheme in force until May 2022, dated from 2010. During these 12 years, the regulatory, social and technological context has undergone a radical evolution. The one approved in May 2022 establishes the security policy for the adequate protection of the information processed and the services provided through a common approach of basic principles (7), minimum requirements (15), security measures and compliance mechanisms, and monitoring for the Public Administration, as well as for the technology providers of the private sector that collaborate with the Administration.


News from the ENS:

Among the novelties of the new ENS is the incorporation of the figure of the "compliance profile", whose objective is to achieve a more effective and efficient adaptation to the Scheme, rationalizing the resources required without undermining the protection sought and required. In the case of Public Universities, a "Specific Compliance Profile for Universities" has been developed.


UV ENS Certificate


The certificate of compliance with the ENS by the University of Valencia is the following one: