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Online course platform

We present the new platform of online courses of ALUMNI ESPAÑA and its associated groups. Through this link you will access it:


Thanks to the federation's technological partner, the TDconsulting consultancy, we have been able to develop this new service that has a complete online training platform available to all associates.

The consulting firm will develop the platform with a catalog of courses selected according to demand and trends, CertiUni certificates and there will be 'zoom' rooms as well as other services.

Alumni Espanya It is the entity that was created to put in contact the Friends and the Alumni of the Spanish Universities. Currently it welcomes and disseminates the opinions of all the associations and groups that are part of it, always with mutual respect and independence.

Annually, the different associations and groups of feats meet to analyze and debate topics of interest about the world of alumni and universities, and thus strengthen the links between them.

The headquarters were located in 2002 in the city of Alcalà de Henares and consequently the Alumni Association of its university held the position of registered office of Alumni Spain.