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  • From free-living to endosymbiont


    From free-living to endosymbiont

    AMPARO LATORRE Data: March, 12th, 2018 Hour: 12:30 Venue: Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SYSBIO) Seminars Room. Organizer: Institute for Integrative Systems Biology I2SysBio (UV-CSIC)

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  • 26/02/18

    Christian Abendroth defends his doctoral thesis "Paving the crossroad of biorefinery"

    This doctoral thesis, supervised by Manuel Porcar, is the result of the collaboration of the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology I2SysBio (Universitat de València-CSIC) and the Robert Boyle Institute (Jena, Germany). Abendroth has studied different aspects of the anaerobic digestion of biomass, a preliminary step for the generation of biogas, an alternative fuel. The results of the thesis have been published in journals such as "Biotechnology for biofuels" or "Waste management and research". The thesis was defended on February 23, 2018 and received the rating of Outstanding.

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  • Cartell del seminari


    Paving the crossroad of biorefinery

    CHRISTIAN ABENDROTH. Paving the crossroad of biorefinery Date: February 23th, 2018 Hour: 11:00 Venue: Seminar Room, I2SysBio Organizers: I2SysBio (UV-CSIC) and Robert Boyle Institute

  • 09/02/18

    La Universitat de València reivindica el paper de la dona i la xiqueta en la ciència amb actes als campus de Blasco Ibáñez i Burjassot i al Botànic

    La Universitat de València celebra el Dia Internacional de la Dona i de la Xiqueta en la Ciència, l’11 de febrer, amb diverses activitats repartides entre els diversos espais de la institució. Dilluns 12 hi ha la I Jornada de Dones en Neurociència, amb conferències a les facultats de Medicina i Odontologia i Farmàcia, una taula redona, una conferència i la inauguració d’una exposició a la vesprada; mentre que el Jardí Botànic acull el cicle 'Dones i Ciència' entre dimarts i divendres, amb xarrades, debats i la projecció de la pel·lícula 'Figures ocultes'. Dimecres, Ada Yonath, premi Nobel de Química 2009, pronunciarà la conferencia 'What was first, the genetic code or its products?' a la Sala Darwin.

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  • 08/02/18

    Dia de Darwin 2018

    Dia de Darwin 2018

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  • Autoritades en el laboratorio


    The opening speeches of the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology focus on the value of scientific innovation

    This Tuesday, Esteban Morcillo, rector of the Universitat de València, and Rosa Menéndez, president of the CSIC, have inaugurated the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology. This is a new researching centre dedicated to the study of complex biological systems, mostly microorganisms, with applications in biomedicine and biotechnology mainly. They have been accompanied by Carmen Vela, secretary of the State Secretariat of Research, Development and Innovation; by Vicent Soler, the minister of Finance of the Valencian Regional Government (conseller d’Hisenda de la Generalitat Valenciana) and by José Luis García López, director of the I2SYSBIO.

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  • quadre gràfic


    Researchers from the Universitat de València discover why basal metabolism of living beings varies its mass

    A multidisciplinary research team from the Universitat de València, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Queen Mary University of London has resolved a mystery that disconcerted biologists for over a century: How and why basal metabolism changes its mass? Basal metabolism is the minimal energy required by the organism to stay alive. This work has been published in Natures’ open access portal Scientific Reports.

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  • 23/01/18

    Similarities between microbial communities living in solar panels in the Artic and the Antarctica have been proved

    A research team from the Institute of Integrative Biology of Systems (I2SysBio) of the Universitat de València/CSIC has conducted a comparative analysis of two microbial ecosystems in the surface of solar panels in the North and South Poles. It concludes that despite the large geographical distance both ecosystems have similar microbial communities in which microorganisms have adapted to irradiation and desiccation phenomenon. This is the first time that this type of study is carried out in such distant geographical locations from each other.

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  • imatge de la medalla del premis nobel


    Miquel Barberà, de l'Institut de Biologia Integrativa de Sistemes I2SysBio, dimarts 23 al cicle de conferències 'Premis Nobel 2017' en l'Espai Ciència

    L’Espai Ciència acull el cicle de conferències ‘Premis Nobel 2017’, amb la participació d’especialistes en Economia, Física, Química, Medicina i Literatura, durant aquest mes de gener, per a analitzar les contribucions a la ciència de les persones distingides amb aquests prestigiosos guardons el 2017. Les ponències són totes a les 19 hores, a l’Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània, i es realitzaran els dies 23, 24, 30 i 31.

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  • Fernando Sapiña


    Fernando Sapiña, science communicator and professor of the Faculty of Chemistry, passes away

    Fernando Sapiña, tenured professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Universitat de València and researcher of the Institute of Material Sciences passed away last January 16th. He was also a science communicator and recently worked on the preparation and characterization of materials for thermic barriers, multiferroic materials and nanomaterials. The Scientific Culture and innovation Unit from the Universitat de València will organize the Fernando Sapiña Awards for Scientific dissemination and Communication in his memory.

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