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Agustín Calvo Galán wins the 11 edition of the Premi de Poesia Cesar Simon

Agustín Calvo Galán. Foto de su blog 'Las afinidades electivas'.

The Cesar Simon poetry prize (University of Valencia- Denes Publisher), coordinated by Begoña Pozo, reaches its 11 edition. In this occasion the jury, composed by Miguel Angel Arcas, Teresa Garbi, Rafael Correcher, Ana Noguera and Victor Gomez, gathered in Valencia at 29 September 2014, awarded the prize to the poem book ‘Amar a un extranjero’ (‘Loving a foreigner’) by Agustin Calvo Galan.

This work was awarded after the judge’s deliberation, where there were four finalist poems: ‘Museo de la lucha de clases’ (‘Class struggle museum’); ‘Me llamo Clara’ (‘My name is Clara’) and ‘Cuaderno de Manchester’ (‘Manchester notebook’).
Out of the 127 presented poem books, the jury unanimously resolved the prize to a book which stands out not only for its expressive depth and maturity, but also by its great consistence in the structure, with an appropriate articulation in both parts in which he finds harmony between the rhythm and the story, manages is overlap with a magnificent lyrical delicateness.

This way, the solid proposal presented by the author manifests a bristle density within the texts that multiply, that graze within the incessant dialogue among the book’s two sections where, additionally, the reader can perceive a very precise correspondence among visual image and words. This book’s perspective is reinforced thanks to the presence of an unknown which captures during the reading, delving the mystery of a poem book which has been presented almost as a colour palette where the described landscapes are manifested with a great pictorial strength. Hence, its texts remain opened to suggestions, managing for its powerful images to move the reader-spectator of these pages of great quality.

This edition means the consolidation of an award which has reached its 11 edition and which sums to its list of winners Agustin Calvo Galan’s voice (Barcelona, 1968), poet who has already printed titles such as ‘Poemas para el entreacto’ (‘Poems for the intermission’) (Jirones de azul, 2007); ‘A la vendimia en Portugal’ (‘Grape harvesting in Portugal’) (Amargord, 2009); ‘Proyecto desvelos’ (‘insomnia project’) (Babilonia, 2012) and ‘GPS’ (Amargord, 2014). We could also highlight his trajectory as a visual poet, having been made into an anthology in collective works such as ‘Poesía visual española. Antología incompleta’ (‘Spanish visual poetry. An incomplete anthology’) (Calambur, 2007); ‘Esencia visual’ (‘Visual Essence’) (Instituto Cervantes de Fez, 2008) or ‘Visual libros’ (‘Visual books’) (Corona del Sur, 2012). Within the same line, there have been several exhibitions of his graphical work; among the latter, we could highlight ‘Poemas objeto’ (‘Object poems’) (Biblioteca de Ripollet, April 2012); ‘Proyecto desvelos’ (‘Insomnia project’) (Barakaldo, 2012 October) and ‘10 años de poesia visual’ (‘10 years of visual poetry’) (Barcelona, June 2013).


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