Central Office

Students Service - University Postgraduate

Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 13
46010, València

Telephone own titles: (34) 9638 64459
E-Mail: postgrauspropis@uv.es

Telephone aid own titles: (34) 9638 64801
Aid e-mail: ayudasuv@uv.es

Information and registration of students of own degrees.

University Business Foundation (Fundación Universidad Empresa - ADEIT)

3 Verge de la Pau Sq.
46001, València

Telephone own titles: (34) 96326 26 00
E-Mail: solicitudesuv@adeituv.es

Lluís Alcanyís Fundation

1 Gascó Oliag St.
46010, València

Telephone own titles: (34) 38 64175
E-Mail: flla@uv.es


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